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TRAINZ - Bermuda Layout


Bermuda is a picturesque bunch of islands situated east of the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, where the rich and famous would spend their idle time. Is it any wonder that with its history dating back over 500 years and then catching a glimpse of the scenery in this beautiful part of the world, would capture the imagination of a number of Trainz enthusiasts. They have shown an interest in the Bermuda Railway.
This railway was built in 1931 and it provided passenger and tourist services from Somerset to St Georges. On fewer occasions, it also carried small goods, however it was not a profitable business and it was forced to shut down in 1948.
Today, we can only see a "Railway Trail" where people can now walk or ride bicycles, where trains would once travel the rails.
Without accurate track plans, it makes it somewhat difficult to create a train layout, however 'Trainz' people always find a way to express their own ideas and thoughts on what could have been. So, we'll see what turns up. I have a 'rough' map of the railway and the stops (which have not been named) in the photo (See below.
Also, I have been able to locate an image of a Timetable for the Bermuda Railway which could be handy in determining the exact locations of 'railway stops'. (See below)
Because they used Railmotors to transport passengers, they had steps leading down from the doorways to about 6" (150cm) from the ground. This would probably mean they had no platforms at the stops for passengers to wait - really it was more of a tram service.
Anyway the layout has been started and I'm ready for work.

Map of Train stops - Bermuda
Timetable - Bermuda Railway

Here are the first screenshots of my new route - The Bermuda Railway (click on the photo to enlarge)

St George's from the Airport
St George's

Any queries, contact Roy ....